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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one comprehensive, traditional, holistic medical system originating in the Indus Valley and is practiced in Ayurvedic Hospitals alongside Western Medicine in India. Ayurvedic Medicine consists of two aspects: one is the self-care for disease prevention and health promotion with diet and lifestyle, and the other one is the medical intervention for cure and management of chronic, lifestyle related diseases. The self-care aspect for disease prevention and health promotion is helpful for managing wellbeing and natural processes such as sleep.

Integrative Medicine (IM) is healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle.

Ayurveda is an integrative medicine from the East

The word is of sanskrit ( latin equivalent) origin, ayur = life and veda = scriptures.

It goes by the five elements: Space, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth.

We have health promotion ayurveda centers in the western world

There are ayurvedic hospitals all over india treating chronic diseases

Why is Ayurveda effective?

Natural in Ayurveda refers to all things grown naturally. All vitamins are naturally grown from plant material, eaten fresh or dried. This is opposite to artificially made vitamins in factories or the extraction of individual active components in a laboratory.

Ayurveda uses no modern pharmaceuticals.

In Ayurveda, we only use natural methods such as a specific combinations of nutrition & lifestyle.

Each individual has a specific body type from birth.

This is a unique combination of the attributes of the five elements mentioned above.

A diet and lifestyle is specifically designed to support this persons unique body type and health goal will bring about well-being and balance.

A natural way of improving your health.

What are the benefits of using Ayurveda?

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New transferrable knowledge gained

Better regenerative sleep

Improved creativity, patience and problem solving skills

Improved communication, humour and relationships

Reduced anxiety, stress, mood and depression

Greater Life-Work satisfaction

What are the benefits to the workplace?

We offer an essential and measureable Wellness programme to underpin your overall HR strategy and help you achieve these benefits. Can you reap these measureable benefits from your wellness program: productivity gains, efficiency gains, cost savings?

Productivity gains due to reduced sick days and burn outs

Improved corporate culture, team dynamics and humour

Less accidents, mistakes and reckless behaviour.

Efficiency gains due to better mental alertness, improved attention

Improved employment brand

Management time cost savings due to better conflict resolution and occupational health

The Ayurveda Difference

Why choose Ayurveda training for your corporate wellness programme and how is it different to conventional sleep training?

Rooted in Tradition and Science

Focus on Life-Style design, affecting sleep indirectly

Works via the mechanism of better body bio energy balance

Taught by experts in the field with university degrees

Pioneering and unique approach for corporate wellness

Sustainable because follow on options are available

Ayurveda Follow On..

Knowledge of Ayurveda self-care concepts is invaluable and enriching to the individual. And because Ayurveda is very wide spread globally, there will be an opportunity for the individual to engage in follow up activity. There is a possibility for follow up at a local Ayurvedic center, an ayurvedic self-care holiday or a follow up with me online or in person.

Ayurveda is a verifyable Science

Follow op online coaching available with us

Ayurveda Health Centers available globally

Shiro Dhara Treatments are helping sleeplessness

Choose to take an Ayurveda holiday

Yoga can help creating a balance

Happy Customers


We are looking to provide our hard working team with engaging stimulation. We invited Sonja [ @NW]for a team event andfocused on a specific health topic, which we found very interesting and stimulating. We are looking to provide our hard working team with engaging stimulation. We invited Sonja for a team event andfocused on a specific health topic, which we found very interesting and stimulating.

Philip Kienzler

Senior Programmer

I thought we might get a presentation with health advise being ‘eat meat and two veg.’, but [ Network-Wellness Trainer ]Sonja’s presentation “What is a healing diet & lifestyle?” is VERY different!! I am delighted that it covered a broad holistic base and that I have learned something new today.

Maria Penicud

Support Group Leader

Following the success and fantastic feedback of last year’s holistic week, we are planning another one at the beginning of August. I would love for Sonja to be involved again as her energy and enthusiasm was a great contribution last time!

George Kousouros

Branch Manager Virgin Active Health Club

There is no cure without understanding. Thanks for Network-Wellness, I now have the understanding and can take the necessary steps to design my life-style according to my body type and reap the benefits of better sleep. It has already been working for me.

Jaana Paatraka

di-change recruiting

Our Services

We provide on-site learning experiences, teaching diet & lifestyle management according to ayurveda for numerous health benefits.
On sight training: ``7 steps to better sleep``
One day workshop - or - 7 lunch and learn presentations

Balance Body & Mind

Ayurveda targets the mind as well as the body.

Healthy Daily Life

The daily health protocol is called Dinacharya and removes toxins.

Your unique Body Type

By knowing your body type you can tailor your diet & lifestyle.

Improve your Energy

Energy levels are a result of perfectly balanced body bio energy levels.

Seasonal Activities

Seasonal health is called Rutu-Charya in Ayurveda.

Eating Well

Eating according to your body type will bring you peace of mind.

Fitness & Performance

Find the right exercise level for your body type to optimize performance.

Improving Health

With Ayurveda you will improve your overall health naturally.

Family & Community Medicine

Ayurveda is so simple to use in the kitchen. Food is medicine when you use it purposefully and can be applied to the whole family.

Certified Health Professionals

Our trainers are all certified health professionals from accredited British Institutions.


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