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Network Wellness / Benefits



– Equip staff with essential self care skills, suitable for the home office, because self-care skills are learned skills.

– Get more days from your workforce by giving them better awareness of body functions and well-being indicators

– Prevent lifestyle related diseases and avoid costly breakdowns, absenteeism, and back to work integration

– Achieve a better productivity, overall mood and a more balanced workforce

–  Enhance your employment brand with well-being training and engage the new generation

More and more staff are working from home. Did you know you can equip your Staff with self-care skills suitable for the Home Office? Self care skills are essential for the prevention of disease are learned skills they are not instinctual. You can get more work days from your workforce when you provide your employees with these skills and at the same time differentiate your employment brand.

This course is beyond eat healthy and exercise, the wisdom taught goes much deeper than this.

– Chronic diseases are also termed lifestyle related diseases, which means they are preventable. Prevention is better than cure, because recovery can be difficult, lengthy and costly. Save the costs of back to work integration, sick days or off days by providing lifestyle training to prevents health problems from occurring.

– But more immediate benefits and central to this training are body bio energies, indicators of un-wellness, feeling off or having a low day. This is way before a disease is formed but does affect productivity, mood and happiness. Managing these body bio energies to be at their peak and optimum balance is being taught in this course. We teach body bio energies, the role digestion takes in the disease process, how toxins are formed which can accumulate in the body over time and that diet and lifestyle goes beyond what we eat but also how we eat and treat our body.

The result is a better balanced workforce with better energy and mood, less sick days and off days, reduction in occurrence of long term chronic diseases and an employment brand that rocks!

Employee Engagement is measured by 4 pillars one of which is wellness is one. How would  your employees answer this question:  ‘how does the employer care for my well-being?”.

Proactive preventative well-being can be more than simply measuring key indictors such as blood pressure and providing exercise classes. It can be a holistic understanding how lifestyle contributes to health or disease. This makes it interesting to the next generation of employees.