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Seven Steps to Better Sleep

Network Wellness / Seven Steps to Better Sleep

7 Steps to Better Sleep

is a series of interactive Webinars, teaching you specific Ayurveda method to influence your body bio-energies for better well-being and sleep.

seven steps to better sleep

Breaking the Viscous Cycle of Negative Stress, Bad Sleep and the Wrong Diet.

Sleep, Stress and Diet are connected by means of sharing the same body bio-energy. This means that any of these three is a contributor to imbalance the shared body bio-energy further with a ‘knock on effect’. When the body bio-energies are under continuous pressure either through increased stress, reduced sleep or a bad diet, the imbalanced body bio-energy will make it harder to bring any of these problems back under control and eventually everything will be affected and imbalanced.

  • Negative Stress

  • Bad Sleep

  • Bad Diet

What are Body Bio-Energies?

Body bio-energies were known as the bodily humors to the ancient Greek philosophers, in particular Hippocrates (ca. 460 BCE–370 BCE). Modern Western Medicine has dropped these concepts altogether but they are still the basis of the Ayurveda System of Medicine (5000 BCE).
These body bio-energies have a tendency to fluctuate with diet, lifestyle and with external influences and cause an up and down of well-being. We can actively try and influence them to balance or prevent these fluctuations for our own benefit.
So, in order to sleep better and feel a better health balance, we simply need to manipulate these Body Bio Energies and bring them back into their authentic normal range.

7 Steps to Better Sleep

is a series of seven interactive lessons delivered per webinar teaching about successful body bio-energy manipulation for a healthy lifestyle and better sleep. The seven Webinars are as follows:

1. What are Body Bio Energies and how do they work?

2. How do my Lifestyle Choices affect the Body Bio-Energies?

3. What are the best Food Choices for my Body Type ?

4. Is my Digestion important and is it something that I should know about?

5. What are suitable Herbs & Supplements for better Sleep and Well-Being?

6. What are the Daily Routines that can help me balance my Body Bio-Energies?

7. What are the Seasonal Routines that I should be aware about?


Seven Steps to Better Sleep will give you the tools to create well-being by working with your body bio-energies. It will teach you the ‘everything is connected’ principles of holistic well-being and explain the mechanisms which are responsible for this connection.

What people have said:


“Mind blown, this makes so much sense”


” I had absolutely no idea, how come not everybody know this?”



“My world has changed completely knowing this now.”