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Benefits to Corporate

A company operating with a sleep-deprived workforce is a company without the x-factor, or at best a company with a dent in their competitive edge. It is normal for people to have various sleep experiences, but you can improve their positive sleep experiences with our training. Whilst our competitors focus on behaviour and habits around sleep, we focus on lifestyle and diet to maximise positive sleep experiences.

Harness gains in productivity, efficiency as well as cost savings by improving human capital with health and wellness, such as sleep.

Sleep underpins your business; no employee can perform without it and your business depends on it, from your HR strategy, to your well-being strategy, and even your annual targets and financial outcomes. If you hire the best of staff in your industry, you want to use all of their potential and not lose productivity needlessly to faulty sleep.


The outcomes of our well-being training are measureable on an individual level with a sleep diary and at corporate level by relating sleep outcomes or training times to your monitored results. Our method is based on an integrative medicine system called Ayurveda, which gives you the reassurance that it is a tried and tested method, rooted in tradition and science. Your staff will also have follow-up opportunities, as there are Ayurveda wellness centres, and holiday locations worldwide.

Harness the full energy potential of your employees to reap these benefits:

  • Less sick days – absenteeism – prevent job burnout
  • Improve corporate culture – engagement – succession – team dynamics – retention
  • Reduce accidents – less reckless decisions – create a safer work environment
  • Improve employees – faster, smarter working – improved attention, memory and critical thinking
  • Employment brand – PR and reputation among jobseekers – hiring the best in the industry
  • Better conflict resolution – less management time
  • Reduced healthcare costs – cost of work-reintegration
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