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To juice or not to juice? That is the question!

Wherever you go people are juicing; they are talking about juicing, writing about juicing and reading about juicing and you may have started to wonder what all the fuss is about! When it comes to staying healthy, juicing has certainly become a major trend and one of the reasons for that is that juicing fresh and organic fruit and vegetables has a multitude of benefits.


Compared to vitamin and mineral supplements, fresh fruit and vegetables have a higher bioavailability meaning the body recognises them as food and can therefore benefit from them much more effectively than a daily vitamin tablet.  Very often, the supplements you buy in the shop are manmade in laboratories and the body struggles to gain anything from them therefore you are better off sticking to the real thing by quickly and simply juicing a pile of organic fruit and vegetables.

Quick and Easy

Eating organic fruit and vegetables without juicing them is of course fantastic, but if you are looking to receive a real boost to your daily mineral and vitamin intake, then juicing provides you with this ultra concentrated goodness much more simply and without the requirement to eat your way through a mountain of fruit and vegetables.  Therefore you can easily and realistically increase the dosage of vitamins and minerals you can ingest on a daily basis.   Carrots are very nice but you would be hard pressed to eat a kilo of them – yet you can juice and drink a kilo of them without a problem.


The best way to juice is with greens, they can help with detox and create an alkaline environment in the body. You can add sweet fruits if you make the basis of your smoothie green.

Acid and Alkaline

Our modern diet leads to acidification of the body because meat, dairy, coffee, sweets, ready meals, packaged food and white flour (to name just a small proportion) all act in an acidic manner within our body. As a result of this excess acidity we can develop diseases. The opposite of acid is alkaline and this is good for you! Green vegetables alkalize and our bodies just can’t get enough of them so supplementing with a daily green juice, as opposed to a tablet of some kind, is perfect! Juicing makes eating the right amount of greens a lot easier, and there are any number of delicious combinations such as celery & apple or kale & orange.

Weight Loss

You can also cleanse, detox and lose anywhere up 4kg in weight with a juicing diet, which involves living only on juices for one week. The additional benefit is that you have not deprived your body of nutrition, in fact, quite the opposite; you have boosted your mineral and vitamin content, given your digestive system a rest and allowed your body time to work on a spring clean and come out lighter!

Is It For You?

So whether you are looking for the most natural on-going nutritional supplement, a short term nutritional super boost, a long term proactive alkaline health-kick or simply a way to get back into shape after Christmas, the ability and knowledge of how to turn fruit and vegetables into the most delicious juices is a wonderful skill to have and to pass on to friends and family, and even to the next generation too.



Join The Juicers

There is much to know about juicing and how to get it right. To start with you are looking for the cleanest fruit and vegetables around, i.e. those grown without pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. All of those poisons leave residue in the food which you certainly don’t want in your body as they extremely are harmful – not healthful. You will want to use the most complimentary fruit and vegetable combinations to make your juices as healthy, pleasurable and as tasty as possible.  Plus you will need to know about the right equipment to use such as which juicer you should invest in. As with most things in life, you don’t become an expert over night but it is important to take that first tentative step in the right direction. These small steps could overhaul and change your life for the better and as they slowly lead to bigger strides, and greater health you will be overflowing with vitality.

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