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Press Release

Network-Wellness creates a corporate wellness programme for better sleep

Natural lifestyle design company, Network-Wellness, ensuring better sleep for the workforce with their unique wellness programme

Network-Wellness was founded with the primary goal of helping clients achieved better health by using natural solutions. One of the services provided by the experienced Sonja Breuer and her team at Network-Wellness is the corporate wellness programme, a training module designed to help workforce achieve better sleep using the popular Ayurveda method.

Sleeplessness is one of the significant challenges faced by millions of people across the globe.

Sleeplessness is one of the significant challenges faced by millions of people across the globe. This has led to several conditions and in some severe cases, mental health issues, and even declined productivity for employees. While there are several corporate wellness programmes from different companies to help people suffering from this condition, many such solutions do not provide the desired result. Network-Wellness, however, seems to have gotten the key to unlocking the door to better sleep with the Ayurveda method.

The training module from Network-Wellness is particularly unique with the use of the tested and trusted Ayurveda method. The method ensures a new and improved lifestyle that will balance the body’s bioenergies better, ultimately creating better, more restful and uninterrupted sleep. Unlike other programmes that train habits around sleep, Network-Wellness’ training module uses personalised lifestyle design tips to match the body type of each client.

Another unique feature of the programme is the measurability of the results gotten, with participants keeping a sleeping diary to track their progress and ensure that modifications are made as necessary to get the result desired by clients. Consequently, companies can be sure of getting enhanced profitability, communication, safety, performance, decision making, and productivity from their employees.

The training comes in a flexible structure with a one-day workshop or seven individual lunch-and-learn training presentations. Interested companies, human resources and wellness managers can receive a free demonstration of the training.

For more information about the training module and other solutions from Network-Wellness, please visit – www.network-wellness.com.

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About Network-Wellness

Network-Wellness is a natural lifestyle design company bringing about balanced health to clients. The company was founded by Sonja Breuer, an experienced Ayurvedic consultant and Economist, that aims to help people live more naturally, to enhance health and well-being.


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