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Training Modules

Better Well-Being with Network-Wellness & Ayurveda.

  • 21 Day Life-Style Journey

  • €149

    Per Person/Online
    • 21 Day Ayurveda Journey
    • Delivered in 21 e-mails
    • 15 min per e-mail required
    • Individual Training p.P.
    • Access Online from any location
    • + optional 1:1 with coach
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  • Online Training 'Better Sleep'

  • €594

    Webinar Workshop Series
    • 7 Steps to Better Sleep
    • Online Lessons (in person)
    • 90 min Presentation
    • Groups Size 12-15 max.
    • Attend Online Lesson on time
    • + Upgrade to on-site workshop
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  • Workshop 'Better Sleep'

  • €1495

    Per Person / Per Day
    • 7 steps to Better Sleep
    • Interactive Workshop
    • Delivered in 1 Day
    • Group Size 8-12 People
    • At your Office Location
    • + Optional add on: online course
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Your Benefits

At network-wellness we have one mission, to teach the ayurveda method so your staff can not only sleep better, but also have the tools to proactively manage well-being. We believe that this wellness programme underpins all wellness programs as it improves all of your initiatives.

What is the Basis of the Ayureda Approach?

We work by creating a lifestyle design intended to manipulate and balancing the body bio-energies which affect our physical and mental state.
Body bio-energies were known as the bodily humors to the ancient Greek philosophers, in particular Hippocrates (ca. 460 BCE–370 BCE). Modern Western Medicine has dropped these concepts altogether but they are still the basis of the Ayurveda System of Medicine (5000 BCE).
These body bio-energies have a tendency to fluctuate with diet, lifestyle and with external influences and cause an up and down of well-being. We can actively try and influence them to balance or prevent these fluctuations for our own benefit.
So, in order to sleep better and feel a better health balance, we simply need to manipulate these Body Bio Energies and bring them back into their authentic normal range.

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Happy Customers


We are looking to provide our hard working team with engaging stimulation. We invited Sonja [ @NW]for a team event andfocused on a specific health topic, which we found very interesting and stimulating. We are looking to provide our hard working team with engaging stimulation. We invited Sonja for a team event andfocused on a specific health topic, which we found very interesting and stimulating.

Philip Kienzler

Senior Programmer

I thought we might get a presentation with health advise being ‘eat meat and two veg.’, but [ Network-Wellness Trainer ]Sonja’s presentation “What is a healing diet & lifestyle?” is VERY different!! I am delighted that it covered a broad holistic base and that I have learned something new today.

Maria Penicud

Support Group Leader

Following the success and fantastic feedback of last year’s holistic week, we are planning another one at the beginning of August. I would love for Sonja to be involved again as her energy and enthusiasm was a great contribution last time!

George Kousouros

Branch Manager Virgin Active Health Club

There is no cure without understanding. Thanks for Network-Wellness, I now have the understanding and can take the necessary steps to design my life-style according to my body type and reap the benefits of better sleep. It has already been working for me.

Jaana Paatraka

di-change recruiting

Take Charge Of Your Life

Ayurveda Lifestyle Design is a co-creative process and ultimately empowers the individual to create self-care habits which support their balance of body bio energies and self-regulation of natural processes.

Body Type

Get to know your unique body type.

Body Bio Energies

Eat right for your body type and manipulate your body bio energies.

Lifestyle Change

Re-design your lifestyle in line with your goal and body type.

Enjoy Great Sleep

Once your body bio energies are balanced you will sleep well.

  • 4th February 2020

    Press Release

    Network-Wellness creates a corporate wellness programme for better sleep Natural lifestyle design company, Network-Wellness, ensuring better sleep for the workforce with their unique wellness programme Network-Wellness was founded with the primary goal of he

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  • 7th January 2019

    Individual Benefits

    Human beings are designed to sleep; it is a natural requirement for human beings to sleep. There is not one single person among billions of us who can function without sleep. So we can easily infer that sleep is very significant. Optimal sleep is one of the very e

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  • 1st January 2020

    Benefits to Corporate

    A company operating with a sleep-deprived workforce is a company without the x-factor, or at best a company with a dent in their competitive edge. It is normal for people to have various sleep experiences, but you can improve their positive sleep experiences with

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