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Problems with Sleep Medication

When you are feeling tired and low on energy because you had a bad night, it is easy to think that medication is the solution. A good night’s sleep improves not only sleep but also stress and even performance, because sleep is regenerative for mind and body, as well as the emotions. But what are the problems associated with a quick fix solution, such as sleep mediation?

The long term disadvantages with drugs are dependency, side effects, drug interaction and the need to increase the dose over time.


Sleep medication can cause dependency. Sleep medication is can be used as a short cut and a quick fix, but if we don’t look for a more sustainable long-term solution to the sleep problem, and instead settle for the quick fix, then a drug dependency is created.

Side Effects

All drugs need to be metabolised by the body and have a side effect on the liver. Whilst occasional use may be something your liver can cope with, long-term use will reduce the vitality of this important organ. Add everyday toxins to the mix – for example, the toxins in air and buildings – the body will needing to eliminate and metabolise a lot of drugs and toxins. An impaired or overloaded liver can be a slow cooker for further problems in the long-term.



If another problem develops, which you will need medication for too, then you will suddenly have a couple of drugs which you need to depend on to function better. These two may not have been tested for drug interaction in your body. A drug interaction is a reaction between two (or more) drugs or between a drug and a food or beverage. Taking a drug while having certain medical conditions can also cause a drug interaction.


The more you rely on drugs for lifestyle disorders, such as sleep, the more you will have to take. The body will get used to a level of drugs and will eventually accept this as “daily food” and the drugs will stop producing the same result. You will have to increase your sleep medication over time. This is obviously not ideal for all the reasons already stated above.

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