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Benefits of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic healthcare system which is based on natural methods. We are pioneers among well-being providers in bringing this method into the boardroom. We are utilising the self-care aspect of Ayurveda as a mechanism by which we manipulate the body bio-energies, producing better balance and sleep. The outcome of this training is noticeable and measurable by the individual.

You will notice that the wellness programme works for you, when you start to sleep better.

About holistic health

A holistic health approach for sleep problems is considered effective by medical research. What is holistic health? Holistic health cares about the person, not the disease, and is concerned with the life of the person. Medical treatment on the other hand, with focus on biochemical details, does not take such a broad view. Holistic health, as a natural method, has an important role to play when it comes to creating a natural, overall balance for well-being and sleep.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is holistic health system and is practised in Ayurvedic hospitals alongside modern medicine in India. Ayurveda contains a self-care aspect concerned with disease prevention and health promotion using diet and lifestyle design. We use this self-care aspect for managing well-being and improving natural processes such as sleep.



Whilst most sleep training providers focus on actual sleep, and habits around the action of sleep, i.e. going to bed early, removing electronics, playing music or changing the lighting, we focus on lifestyle design to positively affect a change of body bio-energies (according to Ayurveda), as a mechanism by which we can achieve better sleep.

About follow on

Ayurveda centres and holistic health holidays are available globally, so there will be ample opportunity to engage in follow-up activity. There is a possibility for follow-up with:

  • Ayurvedic centre utilising Ayurveda therapy
  • Ayurveda wellness holidays
  • Follow-up coaching online
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